Few Tips Before Packing and Moving service

Sep 04 2018

Few Tips Before Packing and Moving service

Packing and Moving service Tips

Packers and Movers in Wakad Packaging can be defined as an economical means of providing presentation, protection, identification information, containment, convenience and compliance for a product during storage, carriage. we few give tips on before packers and movers service .

Packing and Moving before Cooking gas tips:

If you have a piped gas connection, you can disconnect it permanent or temporary. In case you do not need the piped gas connection for some time.  the supply of gas can be temporary disconnect on receipt of a written request from the customer. Meet their Customer Care. On receipt of request our authorize person will visit your premises and temporary stop the supply of gas. Subsequently on your written intimation the same would be resumed. The cost for temporary disconnection is Rs 250. One has to pay Rs 400 for a re connection. After clearing the dues, send a written request to Mahanagar Gas’ customer care office
If you want to apply for a fresh connection in your new residence, the amount is Rs 6,500.

This includes non-refundable application fee of Rs 750. The rest is a refundable security deposit.

For transferring your gas cylinder, go to your distributor with the original subscription voucher and submit the regulator and gas cylinder.

The distributor will give you the termination voucher and refundable deposit of Rs 1,450.

In the new city, again visit the distributor and give the termination voucher, along with proof of residence.You will need to again pay Rs 1,450 security per cylinder and Rs 150 for the regulator

Banking, investments and insurance paper:

Inform your bank and card company about the change in address and request the bank to change your home branch.

You can also do this online. In this case, no documents are required.

You can also do it by visiting your branch, where you will need to show proof of residence. Changing the home branch is important because banking at other branches could attract higher fees in case of some services.

For investment and insurance, inform your institution and give them proof of address.

If the bank account number changes, update it everywhere. Warghiya says he has opted for an e-statement for everything and opted out of paper statements.

This saves him the hassle of keeping track of things, as most communications land up in his inbox.

Mobile phone and DTH transfer:

To transfer your mobile number to another state, first clear all dues.

Then go to a gallery of your mobile service provider and submit address proof and documents for verification.

It will take up to seven days for your number to be transferred to the new city. Similarly, you can transfer your Direct-To-Home connection.

The charges are Rs 300-400 and include DE-installation of the existing connection and re-installation at the new premises.

Car and Bike Transport In Pune

Packers and movers also help you with transfer your car from one city to another in a car carrier.

The transportation cost for a sports utility vehicle between  Delhi, Noida, Chennai, Bengaluru and Delhi, for example, is Rs 18,000-Rs 20,000.

Small cars can be transferred for Rs 10,000- Rs 13,000 on the same route.

The challenge is getting the car registered with the regional transport office  in the new city.

As the process is cumbersome, and varies from state to state, many prefer to sell their car if it is older than five years.

The transfer procedure can vary if the car has an ongoing loan.

There can be additional duties (entry tax and service tax) if your car is two to three years old.

States like Maharashtra charge octroi tax. The biggest expense while transferring is the lifetime road tax, which comes to seven to eight per cent of a vehicle’s invoice cost for newer cars.

For old vehicles, RTO also consider depreciation.

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