Today Social Media Main Power of World Population

Aug 23 2018

Today social media main power of world population

Today social media main power of world population advertising communities.Choose the community to see and target can be difficult. There are several social news sites and social bookmark sites. just as there are several social network . Depend on the campaign’s objectives and target audience. it may make sense to focus on the lead sites or alternative to find a niche site that attracts a small number of passionate participants.

What is the community’s focus.?

The community should also be evaluate for quality and engagement. Inactive or weak community will not offer the social news support necessary to propel a successful social news marketing campaign. Consider this list of community characteristics when evaluate the desirability of a community target.
1. What is the community’s focus.? Answer- Packers and Movers Pune
2. How many active users are involved in the community.?
3. How active are the top users on the sites.? Answer- Movers and Packers Pune
4. How many comments on average are generated for each new submission.?
5. how many votes are required to earn front page status on the site.?
6. Are stories on the site’s front page recent .?
7. Are there limitate for brand content in the community terms of service.?
8. What have other said about the social news site.Answer- Packers and Movers Wakad Pune

World mobile Users use Mobile Screen

Today we know that 80% people use mobile other other brand some people use keypad mobile use and many percentages touch screen phone buy they do not know that we increase many  type mobile. Because our mobile screen dirty 33% for our toilet.
diseases If you are thinking that toilet seat is very dirty, oh no, you don`t know your mobile screen is dirty than a toilet seat.Few days ago a research in all over world on mobile phone user’s all surveyors found that 70% people not clean mobile screen. last result found that mobile screen have many bacteria perhaps toilet seat. it’s research result found that 35% user’s not maintain mobile. So Bacteria increase day by day and screen dirty.

World Helth Report

World health server declare that 3% more dirty mobile than toilet seat, at last we found 6th month result that approximately 5% user’s clean self mobile screen antibacterial. Another survey found that Iphone ,samsung and google phone customers. Do not always being careful to notice things. it’s reason that today market have many phone screen cleaner but not use by users. reason of dirty screen- We use mobile any time as we make food,  eat food, and other side of hand used skin , few people use in toilet, use at clean time, washcloth time, bathing time so so other times
If today at present time we do not change our habit so we lose our health.
Moral “Health is Wealth”

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