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Welcome To A-One Safe Dubai Movers

Relocating an entire household is hard work, but you always have moving experts to turn to. A-one Safe Movers was conceptualized for this purpose. With us behind you, you won’t experience an adrenaline rush and troubles associated with moving. Our ultimate goal is that “you relax” while we see the hard work to its end.

A Multi-Service Moving Company

We cover everything from packing to loading to unloading. If there is any heavy lifting needed, we have it covered. For far-distance moves we offer our quality warehouse and storage services.

Excellent Protection

Our professionals are experts in dealing with both small and big things. We will pack your small breakables carefully and make sure they will arrive in your new location in their pristine condition. Extra attention is given to large items such as piano, refrigerator, furniture, etc. We value your items as much as you do.

We Handle Challenging Moves

Our expert movers never fail to address issues brought up by our clients. Ask them about how they move things up from the ground floor of a high-rise or what it is like to move into a retirement community. An island move is not impossible for us. For this move type we use buggies and horses and every helpful transportation mode available.

Customized Moves

Since people come with different needs, we adjust our services to accommodate everyone. We have customized service options in place, so we can plan your move according to your specifications and execute the plan to your satisfaction.

We will be there at your bidding. Here at A-One Safe Dubai Movers, we take the load off your back – completely!

A-One Safe Dubai Movers:

Address: Al Khail Road, Al Barsha – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact: +971 55 304 7888